About Membership

Research professionals like doctors, pathologist, hematologists, students and interested individuals who engaged in research and education in clinical and research cytometry especially in clinical sciences, basic research technologies and any other relevant areas duly recognized by the society are eligible for the membership of the society. An individual affiliated to any recognized College, University, Research Institute or any other Organizations, society or an enterprise can become a member of the society. Overseas Indian students and scientists are also encouraged to be members of the society as per rules.

Two types of Memberships:

  • Life Membership – Rs. 5000 + 18% GST = Rs. 5900/- (No Renewal fee).
  • Student Membership – Rs. 1000 + 18% GST = Rs. 1180 as joining fee and Rs. 100 + 18% GST = Rs. 118/- per year towards Renewal of Membership.

Eligibility for Membership:

  • Life Membership
  • A person belongs to the categories mentioned above are eligible to take membership.
  • Student Membership
  • Valid ID card of institute where student is working / Letter signed by HOD on institutional letter head certifying that applying member is a student in that institute.

Membership benefits:

  • 1. All Members will access all activities of the Society; get free News Letters, avail preferences and discounted registration fee for Advanced TCS workshops, conferences, seminars and more.
  • 2. All Members will be eligible to apply for the TCS Awardswhich we will be announcing every year.
  • 3. Life Members have additional benefits like to be elected as an office bearer by voting or nominate a member. (For more details see Bylaws of the Society on the website)
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